Visceral [adjective]

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Chronic cases are difficult on account of visceral adhesions.

The look of visceral satisfaction on his face was unmistakable.

Visceral mass not marked off from the foot, except in Hedylidae.

I gathered from your previous testimony that your feeling, visceral feeling, related both to Mrs. Paine and to Mr. Paine.

The vascular system of Amphioxus appears at about the same time as the first visceral clefts.

H are seen the long filiform external gills which now project out from all the visceral clefts, including the spiracle.

A great advance has taken place in the development of the visceral clefts and arches.

There are thus five visceral folds to four visceral clefts (figs. 112 and 113).

Behind the mouth are three well-marked pairs of visceral arches.

The visceral arches of Fishes, especially of the Teleostei, are usually provided with a series of membrane bones.