Viscid [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Viscid:

The stem is soon hollow, two to three inches long, viscid, pallid.

Viscid: sticky: covered with a shiny, resinous or greasy matter.

These glands secrete a viscid juice at the time of anthesis.

It is only partially soluble in water, forming a viscid mucilage.

It whipped about him, soft, sticky, viscid—utterly loathsome.

But then it began to flow again; though not with a viscid and heavy measure.

The alkali salts have only been obtained as viscid residues.

The crystalline portion is soluble in alcohol, but the viscid only in ether.

The result of the process is a viscid fluid, which is then absorbed.

In some the eggs are small or soft, or viscid and adhering in bunches.