Viscosities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Viscosities:

The effect on gelation is also illustrated by the change of viscosity of the sol with time.

The quality of viscosity is practically absent in glacier-ice.

The viscosity of milk is often markedly increased over that which it normally possesses.

The cream, having the heavier body or viscosity, will move more slowly.

By the old gravity systems, the flow of oil depended largely upon its viscosity, or thickness.

What relationship the viscosity of the blood has to the rate and volume of flow is not fully understood.

As yet there is not much known about the subject, and no one has devised a satisfactory means of measuring the viscosity.

The viscosity of the blood, as such, probably has very little effect on the resistance to the flow.

The oil pressure will vary according to weather conditions and viscosity of oil used.

No matter how I moved, the viscosity of the solution quickly slowed me down.