Viscounts [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Viscounts:

"I suppose you have heard from Viscount de la Choue," said she.

She was the daughter of one Viscount and the sister of another.

And yet, what could Davis mean by passing him off as the Viscount?

All I say is, give me a Viscount for a son-in-law, and see if I don't 'work the oracle.'

This is the writ of summons calling him to the Lords as Viscount Lackington.

And to resume: until we fail with the Viscount, we have no need of the soldier.

"Come, now; let us talk seriously," said the Viscount, in a changed tone.

"On my life, it's the exact ceremony, and no more," said the Viscount.

"Yes, only this moment," said the Viscount, sighing weariedly.

"You remember an old pledge you once made me," said the Viscount, smiling.