Visibly [adverb]

Definition of Visibly:


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Sentence/Example of Visibly:

He smiled' at Miss Gregg, who was elderly and gray, but visibly his creature.

And, now that the worst minute of their meeting was over, he was visibly happier.

Visibly he lost importance as he yielded and dived into his pocket.

"Let me have this letter," said the manager, visibly annoyed.

But Felicite objected, visibly disquieted by this visit to Macquart.

The congregation was visibly excited, but the service appeared to calm them.

He was very pale and his limbs were visibly trembling, but then his agitation was most natural.

Ian was visibly affected and made no further demur about joining them.

He counted three men and a boy who visibly belonged to this department.

He visibly had pleasure in the disclosure of the other's ignorance.