Visionaries [noun]

Definition of Visionaries:

person who dreams, is idealistic

Synonyms of Visionaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Visionaries:

Sentence/Example of Visionaries:

He had been the prey of all sorts of swindlers, adventurers, visionaries and even lunatics.

A businessman's concern is with business; he leaves abstractions to visionaries.

In the West, Stanford and his group of California visionaries carried the burden.

This statement they submit to you is not one of visionaries.

For the present, most of these visionaries are occupied with electricity.

Other poets for the most part are visionaries;305 Jonson is all but a logician.

He is eminently practical, and he harbors a horror for visionaries and their Utopias.

That hallucinations appear in this way has been also observed in other visionaries.

We are all visionaries, and what we see is our soul in things.

If we are visionaries, you will be gentle in removing the illusion.