Visionary [adjective]

Definition of Visionary:

idealized, romantic

Opposite/Antonyms of Visionary:

Sentence/Example of Visionary:

It was precisely on the pattern of that worn by the visionary Maid.

He had formerly been ridiculed as a visionary, he was now pitied as a desperado.

Gone were the days of sarcastic ridicule, of visionary politics.

There were others who tried to draw him into visionary speculations.

I remembered that he had looked to you for the perpetuation of his visionary soul.

He is a visionary; surly, jealous, and envious in his disposition.

And they are exact visions, for this idealist is no visionary.

In their visionary leaps to affluence they soared to giddy heights.

The rest of his system was imagination, and the imagination of a visionary.

It is not a Utopian and visionary theory, unsupported by experience.