Visit [noun]

Definition of Visit:

social call upon another

Synonyms of Visit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Visit:


Sentence/Example of Visit:

And were you as unhappy as you expected to be during this visit?

He dislikes to have me visit Aspasia; and was angry because I danced with Alcibiades.

Of all countries in the world, there is none I so much wish to visit as Persia.

Kate and Harry, meanwhile, awaited their opportunity to go in and visit Aunt Jane.

At any rate, he was stouter than when he appeared on his first visit.

I remembered the object of my visit, and struggled for composure.

The whole morning whether at home or on a visit was devoted to business.

Until this visit of Austin he had no idea that he would find a rival in his brother.

Could he be sure that on her second visit she would have the same room?

The lively wretch has made me a visit, and is but just gone away.