Visited [verb]

Definition of Visited:

be a guest of

Synonyms of Visited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Visited:

Sentence/Example of Visited:

Pericles had not visited his son since his return to perfect consciousness.

We visited him at Winchester, and found him sorely old and with failing wits.

There was no one in sight, but it was evident that a party from an American ship had visited the island.

It was on this errand that she first visited Boston—we believe in the winter of 1858-59.

They visited all the other stalls, eight of them, and listened to Mike's eulogies on the inmates.

He has not told us whether his slumbers were visited by any dreams.

The Indians, however, continued friendly with him and visited him with frequency.

Even the Frasers were not visited, so strong was my dislike to have anything to do with Halifax.

He had some relations who were farmers, whom he often visited; to them he was probably gone.

Him, his own high-born pupil was enabled to unmask, and his disgrace was visited on me.