Visiting [adjective]

Definition of Visiting:

on a visit

Synonyms of Visiting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Visiting:


Sentence/Example of Visiting:

Now, I must say a word or two about my first impressions on visiting Melbourne.

For instance, my parents object to Sunday travelling and Sunday visiting.

Then of course you would have no objection to my visiting a duchess in the small-pox?

"Awful night for visiting," Martin announced roughly, as he took off his coat.

In the end I was vexed, and resolved to be even with her by not visiting the wood for some time.

However, why, my dear lieutenant, did you honor me by visiting my island?

They were journeying over the country, from cottage to cottage, visiting the people.

She and the lady who is visiting us saw them, saw them plainly.

My mother's carriage was at the door; it was by this time the hour for visiting.

We find Samson visiting his Philistine wife, who remained with her kindred.