Visitor [noun]

Definition of Visitor:

person temporarily in a foreign location

Synonyms of Visitor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Visitor:


Sentence/Example of Visitor:

"He can't be at home, or else he won't come," thought the visitor.

Jumping over the window sill, the visitor found himself in this room.

Her visitor had accepted the open door as permission to enter and was standing in the hall.

And one evening when I came in from gathering acorns, I discovered that I had had a visitor.

"Luck was against you to-day, Dixon," exclaimed the visitor.

The visitor's advent was announced again by the brass knocker on the front door.

Don't begin by treating her as a visitor; treat her as if she were truly my sister.

Napoleon, indeed, was scarce able to greet his visitor pleasantly.

Mainwaring at once saw that his visitor was strangely agitated and disturbed.

In a few moments the visitor was ushered into the apartment.