Visits [noun]

Definition of Visits:

social call upon another

Synonyms of Visits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Visits:


Sentence/Example of Visits:

Will he deny me the visits of my dearest friend, and forbid me to correspond with her?

For they were in hopes of prevailing upon my father to forbid his visits.

He might be a good doctor and a philanthropic one; his visits to this region looked like it.

It is always well to be accompanied by a blue-bloused native on these visits.

We are bound in all our visits to bring relief to invalids, and not to injure them.

By comparison Crane's visits to Ringwood were utopianly complacent.

His daily visits to you have all been faithfully reported to me.

But when Betty had left school her visits to Aunt Nina ceased.

His visits there, as already remarked, had not been frequent of late.

I had never discontinued my visits, but I was never able to have any conversation with him in his own house.