Vistas [noun]

Definition of Vistas:


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Sentence/Example of Vistas:

I see the vista of my future, and—ah, little book, my eyes are dazzled!

The flowers along the vista, brighter than the victor-wreaths at its close.

He had satisfactorily assimilated the spirit of the vista, and blended it with his own.

He straightened up and looked out over the vista of the desert.

Here is a vista for imagination, here is scope for at least fifty years to come.

"You open a vista of human possibilities that makes me about crazy," he said.

A Landscape, representing a woody scene, with a vista on the right.

Every hill had its memories, every turn in the road opened a vista into the past.

There was a vista of distance to one side of the great globe structure.

The road curved around the mountain, so there was no other vista.