Visualized [verb]

Definition of Visualized:

make a picture of in the mind

Synonyms of Visualized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Visualized:

Sentence/Example of Visualized:

I'll have to burn some midnight oil, but I can visualize the bridge.

The clerk half-closed his eyes in order the better to visualize his memory.

Why can't you get her back here and let her visualize the ideally beautiful?

What were they all doing, those crowds that she could visualize so plainly?

He tried to visualize the planet he was coming to, but no pictures formed in his mind.

He tried to think back, to visualize the twists and turns he'd taken in the jungle.

I've talked to many TK's about how they visualize their lifts.

When we write, we visualize, making our language visible on paper.

How can either of these be known unless we visualize him as he lived?

He does not visualize an ideal state which he would have the world attain.