Vitally [adverb]

Definition of Vitally:

inevitably, certainly

Opposite/Antonyms of Vitally:

Sentence/Example of Vitally:

They are all vitally necessary for a thorough understanding of life's problems.

He was always eager to forgive, and the money was vitally necessary.

Never before nor since had the need of a deliverer been so vitally felt.

He all but revolutionized French artillery, and vitally influenced other countries.

I came here to discuss the questions in which this section is so vitally interested.

Marriage is a union, intimate, strong-bound, and vitally active.

It is only fair to me, as I am quite as vitally affected as any one in the result.

Like almost everyone else, he was vitally concerned in this latest affair.

The state of society in America was vitally different from that in England.

It has oxygen in large amounts, which is vitally needed, but that's the only advantage.