Vitals [noun]

Definition of Vitals:

need, essentiality

Opposite/Antonyms of Vitals:

Sentence/Example of Vitals:

I don't mean superficially, but deep down in your vitals, what would you say?

The monsters who had hovered about his neck were battening on his vitals now.

Some fearful secret must be gnawing at the big man's vitals.

The caterpillar, you mean, boy—eating out its heart and its vitals.

As soon as he had gone, Ellis dived again into the vitals of the auto.

Under his guard the kneeling man's sword was to be thrust up into his vitals.

There was a violent wrench as if some monster were twisting at his vitals.

Besides, he had no idea how much or how seriously his shafts had touched the vitals of his enemy.

He was badly hacked, and from a gunshot wound in the vitals he was bleeding to death.

The cancer of autocracy is eating into the vitals of Austria.