Vitiated [verb]

Definition of Vitiated:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Vitiated:

Sentence/Example of Vitiated:

These notions are at least possible, and would they not vitiate your argument?

Minshew interprets the verb deboshe, "to corrupt, make lewde, vitiate."

Small-pox does not vitiate the blood of a people; this disease does.

Above all, do not, by dint of judging, vitiate your faculty of tasting.

This, however, did not vitiate the titles of these companies to said lands.

Which kind of combustible used for lighting tends most to vitiate the air?

No mere accumulation of material property can vitiate a principle of right.

They vitiate the action of every law which depends on competition.

Vitiate not this gift with the lower thought of the art of singing.

How much of worldly experience would it take to vitiate that integrity in her?