Vitriol [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vitriol:

In the Coupeau household the vitriol of l'Assommoir was also commencing its ravages.

But the cup of retribution is not to be measured by the cup of vitriol.

Her despair was laced with vitriol and she avoided a kind word about anybody.

Put 20 drops of weak acid of vitriol into water to be drank at meals.

So Mrs. Morel bought him elixir of vitriol, his favourite first medicine.

This dye will not answer for cotton goods, as the vitriol rots the threads.

You may bleach it by adding to the water a few drops of oil of vitriol.

Vitriol is excellent for preserving light or delicate colours.

I painted the paper with gum solution in which vitriol of iron was dissolved.

Oil of vitriol diluted with water, or nitric acid can be used.