Vittles [noun]

Definition of Vittles:


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Sentence/Example of Vittles:

The Lawd will pahvide whethah it's a burnt offerin' or a meal's vittles.

He fixed it so as we could both go in with aperns on and toting vittles.

You've got to have vittles and clothes, even in Trumet, and a place to put your head in nights.

They're like empty nail-kags, and they'll eat a lot of vittles and we've got the money to pay!

If any bear steals my vittles he's goin' t' git cuffed bard.'

"Yes, but this gives you vittles to eat," said the old woman.

He'll get his vittles and his bed, and a trifle of wages if he works for 'em.

Our livin' houses and vittles was better and healthier than they is now.

The vittles end of this here dinner 'pears to be 'bout over.

I never begrudged any one a meal's vittles or a night's sleep.