Vituperate [verb]

Definition of Vituperate:

criticize harshly

Synonyms of Vituperate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vituperate:

Sentence/Example of Vituperate:

Jolly, to abuse or vituperate, sometimes to bear up or bonnet.

Bibliolators may vituperate us, persecute us, or imprison us, but they cannot refute us.

Useless to argue with the tradesmen, to expostulate, to vituperate.

Deviation from scenic propriety has only to vituperate itself for the consequences it generates.

Literature and the pulpit were inevitably the interpreters that she employed to vituperate the sins of the people.

They vituperate the humanists in comically bad Latin, which is perhaps the best part of the joke.

Bespatter it, vituperate against it, strongly insist that any man or woman harbouring it is a fool or a knave, or both.

We may abuse, revile, vituperate an absent person; but we can only "blackguard" a man when he is present.

He could offer no counter argument to them, but continued to vituperate the sins of the white people.

On occasion he could stoop to praise one party and vituperate another, but that was his tongue serving his worldly interest.