Vividness [noun]

Definition of Vividness:


Synonyms of Vividness:

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Sentence/Example of Vividness:

But that past was soon to be recalled to her with a vividness most terrible.

Intensity of feeling and vividness of imagination are at the disposal of the educator.

Every incident comes back to me with the vividness and clearness of yesterday.

In its vividness and force the story is a strong, fresh picture of American life.

How does the interrogative form of the sentence give it vividness?

These repetitions were always marvels of accuracy of vividness.

Vividness of description is a frequent source of literary beauty.

Poetry strives after concreteness and vividness of expression.

I can give no idea of the peculiar charm and vividness of his talk.

It is interesting to see Shakespeare's mind trying for vividness.