Vivifying [adjective]

Definition of Vivifying:


Opposite/Antonyms of Vivifying:

Sentence/Example of Vivifying:

Then he applies the Vivifying Water, and the use of his legs returns to him.

These vivifying elements are by no means extraordinary, or difficult to find.

A cool, vivifying liquid like ether seems to have passed into his blood.

There's nothing cheerful, there's no chic to it; there are no live and vivifying sounds in it.

The only refreshing and vivifying thing is to be absolutely sincere.

It acts by inspiration, quickening and vivifying the natures subject to its influence.

Rachael drank the vivifying fluid, and her nerves responded at once.

But then imagination means the vivifying of truth, not the spectral embodiment of a lie.

It is the soul which is the form of the body, its vivifying principle.

They refresh my soul and I long for them as for a vivifying drink.