Vixen [noun]

Definition of Vixen:

foxy person

Synonyms of Vixen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vixen:


Sentence/Example of Vixen:

"We don't scare worth a cent," she snapped, with the virulence of a vixen.

"I wonder what that vixen has said to her," he thought, as he turned in for the night.

If you should make a match with her, she is a very likely creature, though a vixen, as you say.

The vixen growled, and, picking up her prey, carried it to the bramble-clump.

The vixen warned him repeatedly; and she herself, after giving the signal “Hide!”

He began to fear that that much bepraised dame was something of a vixen after all.

The vixen falls into a hole which she does not see, so bent is she on controverting her husband.

And if you're looking for the vixen's room, it's where you bunked before.

This was to him a grand discovery, for, in anticipation, cubs and vixen were already his.

However, I'm no bargain and she's one-third wildcat, one-third vixen, and one-third cobra.