Vixenish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Vixenish:

He offered his hand to her, sheepishly, and she gave it a vixenish slap.

And yet shes a pretty minx, too, if she hadnt such a vixenish temper!

Steve began to scowl and a vixenish smile hovered at Isom's lips.

She dreaded the vixenish Miss Sugg less than the too complaisant manager.

She was vixenish, she was selfish, she was dishonest and grasping; but she was religious.

There came a vixenish gleam into the old woman's faded eyes.

Her eyes turned, and she fixed a vixenish look upon Miss Eunice.

Prudence felt her fingers tingle with a vixenish desire to slap the face before her.

The unfilial son and the vixenish daughter-in-law, said the old man, deserve no pity.

She was looking up sidewise into Mather's face, studying it with a vixenish eagerness.