Vocalic [adjective]

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In Goidelic, we find two mutations, the vocalic and the nasal.

All these factors were equally true of the German vocalic shift.

Later on, in the fifteenth century, vocalic alliteration in general falls into disuse more and more.

It is better to take a as a vocalic abstract prefix and to consider kad as the root.

The peculiar rhythm of the original, with the alliterations and vocalic concords, give it remarkable smoothness and force.

In Hebrew, as we have seen, vocalic change is of even greater significance than in English.

In another Indian language, Yokuts, vocalic modifications affect both noun and verb forms.

Consonantal change as a functional process is probably far less common than vocalic modifications, but it is not exactly rare.

Only later in the history of the language was the vocalic alternation made significant for number.

All the Germanic languages were familiar with vocalic change as possessed of functional significance.