Vocalists [noun]

Definition of Vocalists:


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Sentence/Example of Vocalists:

At first he had thought but of the charming lady, the vocalist, and the recluse.

A young performer, vocalist or elocutionist, is often introduced at a luncheon.

They were listening to a vocalist who happened to be Barby's favorite of the moment.

The vocalist, a Miss Byfield, did not arrive till after dinner.

"But you see I am in bed, and cannot get up," remonstrated the vocalist.

Why is a vocalist singing incorrectly like a forger of bad notes?

Rich left Covent Garden to his son-in-law, Beard, the vocalist.

Woe to the vocalist, male or female, who falls into Schweitzer's hands!

As a vocalist it can only get as far as a chirp, or at most a small twitter.

A vocalist had better do without sugar in tea and only take milk with it.