Vocalized [verb]

Definition of Vocalized:

put into words or song

Synonyms of Vocalized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vocalized:

Sentence/Example of Vocalized:

Vocalize always upon A, and be careful to put no B's before it.

Amos Adams threw back his grizzled head in a laugh that failed to vocalize.

Her voice cracked; her ear became demoralized; her attempts to vocalize grew almost as comical as Trilby's.

We have all heard voices that were so beautiful that to hear one of them vocalize for half an hour would be a musical feast.

Minnehaha is one of those fearless singers who vocalize without a safety-valve.

Miss Eleanor did not need to vocalize her approval of Judson; the dark eyes were alight with excitement.

Another student—with a fine tenor—was asked to vocalize for a number of minutes.