Voiceless [adjective]

Definition of Voiceless:


Synonyms of Voiceless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voiceless:


Sentence/Example of Voiceless:

The suddenness of it all held Mary voiceless for long seconds.

I was alone in this voiceless temple of so many wonderful sounds.

He again gave his boy that sidelong look and laughed his voiceless laugh.

Razumov ran forward unsteadily, with parted, voiceless lips.

She was the tender and voiceless siren of this appalling navigator.

The voiceless woe of one who had lost a comrade by death was on her.

Why had he let her go away, leaving him lonely in his empty, voiceless house?

He lowered his eyes and stood before her, a voiceless suppliant.

Would you, too, travel the voiceless and weaponless path of death?

A pall of voiceless horror spread its shadows over the land.