Voided [verb]

Definition of Voided:

get rid of; empty

Synonyms of Voided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voided:

Sentence/Example of Voided:

That voided first in the morning is least likely to contain them.

There was no doubt as to their origin for they were voided while the physician was in the room.

Anon they parted with a kiss and voided merrily King Gunther's land.

Then they voided the land, for they had haste of the journey, whither they would fare.

Crest / a reform tortoise of the rand emergent couped at the neck proper disarmed and voided of assets.

I know full well, that my castles and my lands will be voided for you to-day through the hand of one of these men.

In one of my cases a perfect cylinder three-quarters of a yard long was voided.

There have been, however, various and indisputable evidences of hairs found in the kidneys, and voided by natural discharge.

The eggs may be voided by the sheep, may fall upon the herbage, and there remain till they are eaten.

The hogs evidently thought it feed time, for they rushed forward and began to squabble over the voided matter.