Voiding [adjective]

Definition of Voiding:


Synonyms of Voiding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voiding:

Sentence/Example of Voiding:

But just ere the silent became unendurable, a thought appeared in the void.

Inspector Burke himself filled the void in the halting sentence.

The Trainer's admonition seemed like a cry to a cyclone, as void of usefulness.

As this marriage was null and void, there was no Marchioness of Morella.

And not a muscle of his face stirred; he simply gazed into the void.

They replied hotly but blindly, and in a moment the room was void of assailants.

It had grown to be repulsive, and he knew not how to fill the void in his life.

She had changed Naples into a diaper of jewels sparkling softly in the void.

In a minute his life had been swept away; the world was now all black and void.

Amidst all this void came a low tic-tac from the swaying pendulum.