Voiture [noun]

Definition of Voiture:

roadster powered by engine

Synonyms of Voiture:

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Sentence/Example of Voiture:

Waller, though a better poet than Voiture, was not yet a finished poet.

I engaged this voiture to convey me to Avignon for eight hundred francs.

But he said something about the voiture: it was going there.

Voiture was one of those who contributed most to the cultivation of this art.

He has grand chambers which he will give me, and rich wardrobes, and a watch, and a voiture.

Voiture and Tallemant are full of instances of her fertility.

Of the two, M. Magne is the more vivacious, as befits the biographer of Voiture.

He had asked if Mademoiselle wished him to call a voiture, but she had said no.

Waller, tho' better than Voiture, was not yet a finished poet.

One does not hire an automobile from a garage, a voiture de luxe, quoi?