Volar [adjective]

Definition of Volar:

in the air, winged

Synonyms of Volar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Volar:

Sentence/Example of Volar:

There is volar flexion of the phalanges when the subject is at rest.

Volar flexion of the phalanges relieves tension on the parts; therefore, this position is assumed while the subject is at rest.

Volar flexion in a sufficient degree to relax the inflamed structures is always evident.

In other subjects, while able to stand and walk, great difficulty is experienced because of volar flexion of the phalanges.

Wouldn't that same question arise if it went through the volar aspect and exited through the dorsal aspect?

I see, so it might have started on the volar aspect and could have gone on through.

But could the fragment have carried it from the radial side on it if it had been traveling from the volar side to the radial side?

This would imply that an irregular missile had passed through the wrist from the dorsal to the volar aspect.

Now, were there any characteristics in the volar aspect which would indicate that it was a wound of exit?

He said he almost overlooked that on the volar aspect of the wrist.