Volleyed [verb]

Definition of Volleyed:

propel something through the air

Synonyms of Volleyed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Volleyed:

Sentence/Example of Volleyed:

She volleyed the name at him with hysterical violence, but he did not seem to be impressed.

They already had volleyed one ball off into the bushes and lost it.

But the more it volleyed around him the cooler grew young Floyd.

"Hit's me, hit's Newt Spooner," volleyed the unarmed avenger.

Canines to right of him, canines to left of him, volleyed and thundered!

I seized upon him; I volleyed him with questions about himself.

He patted the water, and the reflected light capsized and leaped and volleyed.

Then they volleyed, and having fired, wrestled with the palisades as though to drag them down by sheer force.

"Volcanoes to right of us, volcanoes to left of us volleyed and thundered," he muttered dismally, as he fell back in his chair.

Cannon in front of them volleyed and thundered—to avoid which the late hour had been chosen for the burial.