Volumes [noun]

Definition of Volumes:

capacity, measure of capacity

Synonyms of Volumes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Volumes:

Sentence/Example of Volumes:

Mr. Gladstone published in seven volumes, in 1879, "Gleanings of Past Years."

Together they carried in the several hundred volumes, and then began to arrange them.

Most of these volumes, new and old, were concerned with the love of men for women.

Would you choose that I should draw out the story to five volumes more?

Three other volumes of the same sort were piled one upon the other.

Yet we confess that the perusal of these volumes has disappointed us.

His judicial opinions are contained in volumes 18, 19 and 20 of the Ohio Reports.

She had stood enticingly near me as we pulled down the volumes.

The Bible you sent me is truly elegant; I only wish it had been in two volumes.

For two years he devoured an incalculable number of volumes.