Voluntary [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Voluntary:

For what is meant by liberty, when applied to voluntary actions?

In so far as actions are voluntary, the doctrine is self-evident.

A sick bed's a hard place for one who has no kind and voluntary attention.

Now the voluntary cannot be the involuntary; and if you two come to me and say, 'Then shall we legislate for our city?'

Homicides may be divided into voluntary and involuntary: and first of involuntary homicide.

Some actions are intermediate between the voluntary and involuntary.

Jeter wondered whether their adherence to Sitsumi were voluntary or forced.

Hugh saw her out; the church was now empty, and the voluntary was done.

Next Sunday, in the midst of a voluntary, the organ stopped all at once.

City after city was taken, some by force and some by voluntary surrender.