Voracious [adjective]

Definition of Voracious:

very hungry, greedy

Synonyms of Voracious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voracious:

Sentence/Example of Voracious:

There are enough and to spare even for Fouquier-Tinvillle's voracious appetite.

He was voracious at the supper-table, and that made the landlady no kinder to him.

The wolves were so voracious because they had not eaten for several days.

Some of these voracious kinds have been caught with the remains of six white-fish in them.

The gods were voracious as wolves, and the victims as numerous.

We settled there to wait, harassed by multitudes of voracious mosquitoes.

The voracious shark saw the tempting bait, and made a dash at it.

Not so the voracious and impertinent mollies—the Procellaria of naturalists.

But they are not epicures; they are voracious: they prefer quantity to quality.

She observed that he did not wolf his food, voracious though he was.