Votaries [noun]

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Not lightly must that votary be proved, who fain would free a people.

Never was a votary endowed with a faith at once so lively and so capricious.

It pre-supposes in its votary a mind essentially mercantile.

Thus it was that she kept her oaths; thus she repaid her votary.

“I, as well as you Americans, can be the votary of business,” answered Ram Juna.

That votary of the muse arrived punctually at twelve o'clock.

The votary of the Muses was dead; and a few minutes after Orpheus, too, fell senseless.

The projector of plots is but a miserable gambler and votary of chances.

These are all doctors, and it is their business to instruct the votary in the object of his mission.

"As is the God, so is the votary," is a maxim worth considering.