Vouchsafed [verb]

Definition of Vouchsafed:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Vouchsafed:

Sentence/Example of Vouchsafed:

The priest thanked God for the respite He had been pleased to vouchsafe to him.

No matter, if only God is pleased to vouchsafe 'signs following.'

Will one of you, his servants here, vouchsafe To signify my presence to the King?

Did n't she vouchsafe to offer you her admirable assistance?

It's a kind friend that will vouchsafe as much as 'Poor fellow!

I'll move, and I suppose when I get there old Jackson'll vouchsafe another gleam.

But Sally did not vouchsafe any reply at all, to the question.

Not one syllable of personal consolation did he vouchsafe to Beauchamp.

Do you vouchsafe no reply to billets that are written with the blood of my heart.'

I am not at leisure yet; when I have nothing to do, perhaps I may vouchsafe.