Vow [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vow:

The quality of sincerity in Dick's voice was more convincing than any vow might have been.

And it was true I could have snatched the meat from her like a wolf, but because of my vow I would not.

I brought sickness on the village, and on you hunger and the breaking of your vow.'

Who had exacted from her so strange a vow, that, although he might be very dear to her, she was never to let him know it?

The student of nature in all the ages has taken the vow of poverty.

The vow which unites us with truth makes futurity present with us.

He must give up all his claims, and register a vow never to take revenge.

I make my vow I ha' never seen such a sight in all my life before.

I take my vow, this is an ill day for thee and me, Little John.

I make my vow that never have I heard the like in all my life before.