Vowed [verb]

Definition of Vowed:

make a solemn promise

Synonyms of Vowed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vowed:

Sentence/Example of Vowed:

I kneel not, repenting of what I have vowed in such a case as that I have supposed.

On the death of his countess, Foulques vowed to go on a crusade.

He lifted a hand to Heaven and vowed solemnly: "Never again!"

I have no thought, no ambition, no sentiment that is not vowed to her.

Besides, had he not vowed in all charity that he would not wound anyone with his doubts?

I vowed no one should do her any hurt, and now I've done it myself.

I have often vowed I would go to Admiral von Kufner, and say these things to him.

Is it thus that I am to judge of the entire submission to my will which you have so often vowed?

Have I not, in the height of them, vowed revenge upon the faithless charmer?

They sacrificed a white steed and vowed to be true to each other to the death.