Voyaged [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Voyaged:

He had seen one spouting fire as he had voyaged on the pirate ship.

“Vineyards,” said Mr. Phillips, who had voyaged much about the Cyrenian Sea.

But by what conveyance, think you, can his Lordship have voyaged or traveled hither?

Glass beads for which Cleigh had voyaged sixteen thousand miles!

Down to St. Croix, on the Mississippi, in this they voyaged.

In that year Ralph Gilbert is said to have voyaged to Virginia on his behalf.

On they voyaged as far as Aromaia and its port, Morequito, 300 miles from the sea.

He had twice been to Sydney and had voyaged up and down all the Pacific.

And he had “mushed” and “voyaged” all through the far north.

All day long we have voyaged along the Atchafalaya with a wind from—where?