Vulgarisms [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vulgarisms:

We are obliged to be,” with a slight shudder at the vulgarism, “stylish.

We felt that we had been green, grass-green, and that (to use a vulgarism) the gilt was off the gingerbread.

To use a vulgarism, it is a high-class scholastic sausage-machine.

This name was not a Yankee vulgarism, but a well-known old English term.

They are also called bivalves bi the unlearned, but this iz a vulgarism.

There are gradations in awkwardness and vulgarism, as there are in everything else.

The term is what we may call a vulgarism—you perceive that, do you not?

His verses are too good to be spoiled by what began as a vulgarism.

This "fetches" the parents (if I may be allowed a vulgarism) more than anything.

I do not care to report such things—it verges on vulgarism; but I will tell you a word or two that came from the maimed man.