Vulgarity [noun]

Definition of Vulgarity:


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Sentence/Example of Vulgarity:

He was vulgar with a vulgarity that went miles deeper than that of the major.

The second power of vulgarity is obscenity, and this vice is like the pestilence.

By your own account you have helped the victory of vulgarity and smoke.

He would not encourage them in their vulgarity; they should have nothing from him that was not literature.

The only fault which I never have had, which I never shall have, is vulgarity.

There is, one must admit, a certain association of vulgarity with the onion.

The vulgarity of life in that household was but a small consideration to him now.

Vulgarity, ignorance, misapprehension are old acquaintances.

Extravagance is to be regarded as vulgarity and ignorance of nuptial proprieties.

Not that this vulgarity was really natural to him,—far from it.