Vulgarized [adjective]

Definition of Vulgarized:


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Sentence/Example of Vulgarized:

“One does not like to be vulgarized,” said the Lady of Meissen, angrily.

These ideas and practices were then vulgarized by the masses again.

Miss McDonald says we are vulgarized in all our ideals by so much domesticity.

Science grows, but morality is stationary, and art is vulgarized.

C and D have suffered worse, for they have been corrupted and vulgarized.

He knows that they would be ill carried out, deformed, vulgarized.

Still further is it vulgarized by another confusion of thought.

In solitude a woman can never be vulgarized—she remains herself.

Renee, your letter lies heavy on my heart; you have vulgarized life for me.

He popularized the noble ideas of the masters, vulgarized and debased their dreams.