Vulgarly [adverb]

Definition of Vulgarly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Vulgarly:

Sentence/Example of Vulgarly:

So enough; come with me and learn how to be vulgarly robust.

The dear woman licked her chops, not vulgarly, of course, but mentally.

He is, by the way, not half such a fool as he looks and is vulgarly supposed to be.

In short, she was a branchiopod, to be vulgarly precise, a water-flea.

The whole meeting, in fact, was what is vulgarly called a bilk.

He then made what can only be described, vulgarly, as a distinct 'eye.'

I certainly say it distinctly enough—brutally and vulgarly enough.

A woman is vulgarly said to fall to pieces, or tumble to pieces, when she is confined.

She is not vulgarly well, but has not the least illness in the world.

It is always better to be vulgarly right, than politely wrong.