Waddle [verb]

Definition of Waddle:

walk like a duck

Synonyms of Waddle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waddle:


Sentence/Example of Waddle:

Their walk is a waddle, and they bulge with seaming corpulency.

The march of the centuries may be majestic, but the waddle of this little ant of a man is not.

Her walk was degenerating into a waddle; stairs caused her to grunt.

At the time, baby was quite able to walk—at least to waddle or toddle.

As the morning drew on, they began to waddle away towards the river.

The alligator awoke and made for the water as fast as it could waddle.

As long as that is all, Waddle, you are not worthy to be called a man.

Waddle started, and stood with his mouth open, looking up at his friend.

So he stood for some seconds, and then came the words of which Waddle had spoken.

Waddle endeavoured to explain the circumstances, but failed.