Wades [verb]

Definition of Wades:

plod, often through water

Synonyms of Wades:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wades:

Sentence/Example of Wades:

"Does beat all how she kin do it," thought Wade, listlessly.

Mrs. Wade sighed as she remembered how everyone had flocked around Norah.

"A Wade check is always honored," was his cryptic assertion.

This time, Mrs. Wade admitted bravely to herself that her jealousy was not for Billy.

"I s'pose you know more'n your father and mother," suggested Wade.

Wade wondered if his wife ever felt as he did—almost afraid of this son of theirs.

There were no expressions of tenderness in the Wade household.

You can—if you want to, but Bill don't need him, Mrs. Wade,—he's dead.

What I was going to ask you was, have you thought of that Miss Wade?'

The lounger had lounged out of view, and Miss Wade and Tattycoram were gone.