Wafted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Wafted:

With his spotless hue, he resembled a snow drift, wafted along by the wind.

When he is wafted to a haven of rest, we will console each other.

An icy thrill, wafted from the Invisible, passed through the listeners.

Every now and then the sound of chanting was wafted from the church.

At last they were gone, and from the outside the shrill voice of her page was wafted to me.

The wind blew it out into the lake, and he was wafted to the southern shore.

And the joy is redoubled when this same song is wafted back to him as hearer.

An almost overpowering perfume of roses was wafted into his face.

Often we are drawn to them by a fragrance which is wafted upon the evening air.

Content is the guerdon of the beast, but gods are wafted upwards on the wings of pain.