Wafting [verb]

Definition of Wafting:


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Sentence/Example of Wafting:

"Sit down," she said, wafting herself into a chair, and he obeyed her.

I pictured my last vision of her upon the hill, wafting me a farewell.

That his return was heralded by wafting breezes with whisky laden.

Other hands were on him, wafting him up the stairs as though riding a gale.

A wafting of the spring smells came in at his back, and he stood with his bonnet in his hand.

The winds and waves are wafting thousands to the land of refuge.

The wind gently rustled in the trees, wafting the perfume of flowers.

And, with the gentle breath of June wafting sweet perfume from a wealth of new-born roses, they laid her away.

A cool breeze had sprung up, and was wafting aside the cloud-like fog.

The moment was critical, for the wind was baffling, now wafting the sparks clear away, now whirling them in eddies around us.