Wag [noun]

Definition of Wag:

person who is very funny

Synonyms of Wag:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wag:


Sentence/Example of Wag:

Let them be what they might, the pendulum should wag, and have a fair chance of doing its best.

The hunger that possessed her made her wag her head as if senile.

He had only a stump of a tail, but he will wag it—when next his master sees him!

Say it to your dogs, however, and see if they do not wag their tails.

If he wag his tail, then will I sing; if he do not wag his tail, then—then will I not be silent.

This went on for months, and in that solitude no idle tongue was set to wag.

But if my tongue is not to wag, whatever shall I do to earn my dinner?

His stub of a tail jerked spasmodically, in its struggle to wag.

Both talked at once, and as fast as their tongues could wag.

Some wag of the mess had said something jocular; to a man they were laughing convulsively.